MW&E'S Mare Swab

 Long reach flexible plastic shaft (65cm) for optimum sampling

 Sturdy plastic sheath helps control swab, and protects specimen

 Based on Transwab, the world’s leading transport device for bacteriological specimens

 Includes Transwab medium with charcoal for optimum recovery of fastidious

       organisms includingTaylorella equigenitalis.

 Individually packed complete kit with long reach swab, plastic guide sheath, and labeled

       transport tube with Transwab medium.

 Entire pack with contents sterilized by irradiation to medical device standards.

Contagious equine metritis is a serious venereal disease of horses caused by the bacterium Taylorella equigenitalis. In stallions the disease is apparently asymptomatic, but in mares the condition results in vaginal discharge, infertility, or early abortion. The principal site of infection is the uterus, so a method is required of obtaining specimens for microbiological investigation.

The Mare Swab is used for the investigation of equine uterine infections such as contagious equine metritis. The swab has an extra long sheathed shaft to allow specimens to be collected from the uterus and adjacent areas. The swab is then placed immediately in the tube of Transwab medium. The plug is slid along to seal the transport tube, and the remaining section of shaft can be easily cut off.

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