The TM Story

The TM formula was developed in 1973 in Iowa by a Bausch & Lomb chemist. Around this time, several companies in the manufacturing, hospital, and optometric industries needed a product that could remove grit, dust, smoke, and dirt from glass and high-end lens materials without a streaked finish. They also sought a product that was not diluted and would require small amounts to clean a large area. It was from this demand that the TM formula was born.


TM cleaner is used by hospitals, doctors, laboratories, research centers, universities, and commercial and manufacturing companies throughout the United States. It's lasting history is a testament to the power of the TM cleaner and the quality and care of its founder. Mason Products Corp. is proud to carry on the tradition of the TM name, continuing a storied past of service and excellence to its current and future customers.

The TM cleaning products have been sold to Fortune 500 product distributors as well as to individual opthalmologists, laboratories, universities, and small cleaning businesses. This versatile product has dozens of applications and has a proven 30-year history of cleaning all types of glass, lens, and plastic materials. We are proud to offer the TM to you and promise excellent customer service and a commitment to you or your business to provide you with the best cleaner on the market.
























                                DCGLS01 GALLON CONTAINER             EA       $45.00

                                DCGLC01 GALLON CONTAINERS          CS/4  $155.00

                                DC2ZB01 2 OZ DROPPER BOTTLE        BX/6    $39.00

                                MSDS for DAZZLENS CLEANER


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