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        Easy long-term storage for micro-organisms

     Minimal storage space

     Easy retrieval of stock cultures without multiple passages

     Ideal for preserving new strains for further study without multiple passages

    Establish stocks of reference strains for quality control

 VIABANK is a convenient, easy-to-use cryoprotection system for the storage of micro-organisms. The culture to be preserved is added to the cryopreservative solution in the vial, thus coating the beads. The vial can then be stored in a freezer, and when required, individual beads can be removed and used to establish a fresh culture of the micro-organism.


VIABANK         For the long-term storage of microorganisms at low temperatures



       Storage of the organism

1.       Label the white area on the vial with a suitable code for the organism using a permanent marker.

2.       Heavily inoculate the organism from a fresh, pure culture.

3.       Replace cap.

4.       Gently distribute the inoculated broth throughout the beads.

5.       With a sterile pipette, decant the surplus preservative fluid.

6.       Replace cap.Store the inoculated VIABANK tube in a suitable freezer.

 Recovery of the organism

1.       Remove a bead with sterile forceps.

2.       Drop the bead into a suitable recovery broth or streak across the surface of an appropriate solid medium.

3.       Disinfect the bead and dispose of in accordance with laboratory practice.

4.       Replace the vial in the freezer as soon as possible.

5.       Incubate in conditions appropriate for the organism. 

VIABANK tubes should be stored away from bright light.



VIABANK vials contain a minimum of 25 glass beads covered in a cryopreservative solution. Each box contains 80 VIABANK vials with either 4 different coloured caps in each box, or a choice of one colour from the four options. The boxes conveniently stack in freezer racks.

 Order details 

Product Reference


Unit size



80 vials



80 vials


VIABANK (Yellow)

80 vials



80 vials



80 vials

VIABANKS are $138.90 per Box/80 vials


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