Acumedia Brand

Dehydrated Culture Media

Alpha Biosciences Brand Dehydrated Culture Media and Ingredients


Animal Bloods

Hemastat Labotatories Animal Blood Products


Uniseal Face Masks, Bouffants, Beard Guards, Lab Coats

Apparel, Gloves

Uniseal Medical Grade Latex, Vinyl, and Nitrile Gloves


Medical Wire and Equipment Dryswab Products


Bacteria (QC Microorganisms)


Bacteria (Quantitative 10-100 CFU  Microorganisms)

Inocu-Pellets Quantitative Microorganisms

Bags (Sample, Thio Bag, Speci Sponge)

Whirl-Pak Descriptions

Bibulous Paper

Bibulous Paper


Campy Gas Systems

Gibson Campy Gas Systems

Coagulase Plasma, BD

BD Coagulase Plasma Descriptions

Containers (Specimen)

Container Descriptions, StarPlex series

Culture Media (Dehydrated)

Acumedia Dryform Culture Media

Culture Media (Prepared)

Prepared Media ProductsC


Dazzlens Glass Cleaner

Dazzlens Cleaner

Differentiation Discs (Strips, BBL)

Differentiation Disc Descriptions


MW&E Dacron, Rayon, and Cotton Swabs


Enteropluri  (New  Enterotubes


Environmental Products

Environmental Product Descriptions


Filter Units (Sterile)

Filter Units, Nalgene Sterile 0.22 & 0.45u, 15-150ml

Forensic Swabs

MW&E Forensic Swabs



Gibson Biosciences

AE-ID Rapid Test for Streptococci Group A

Gibson Biosciences

Campy Gas Systems

Gibson Biosciences

Inocu-Swab™ QC Microorganisms (Listed Above)

Gibson Biosciences

Gram and AFB QC Quality Control Slides

Gibson Biosciences

Hippurate ID Rapid Supplementary Test

Gibson Biosciences

India Ink Controls

Gibson Biosciences

M.Cat ID Rapid Presumptive ID Test

Gibson Biosciences

Oxidase Swabs

Gibson Biosciences

Stains and Reagents

Gibson Biosciences

Urease ID Rapid Supplementary Test


Gloves (Medical)

Uniseal Medical Grade Gloves


Hygiene Swabs

MW&E Medical Hygiene Swabs


Inoculating Loops (Disposable) MW&E

Inoculating Loop Products

Identification Discs BBL

ID Disc Products


Lens Cleaner (Dazzlens)

Dazzlens Lens Cleaner Descriptions

Lens Paper)

Lens Paper

Listeria Swabs

MW&E Listeria Swab


Medical Wire & Equipment, MW&E

Transwabs, Transtubes, Odormycin, Microrings, Microloops, Microstreakers, ETC.

MW&E Specific Products


MW&E Specific Products


MW&E Hygiene Products Hygiene Products

MW&E Specific Products

Food Hygiene Swab

MW&E Specific Products

Listeria Swab

MW&E Specific Products


MW&E Specific Products


MW&E Specific Products


MW&E Specific Products


MW&E Specific Products


MW&E Viral transport medium using Virocult®

Viral transport medium



Microscope Slides

Slide Descriptions  / std 3 x 1", Frosted or Plain



MW&E Odormycin Autoclave Deodorant


Gibson Laboratories Oxyswab


Petri Dishes (Sterile)

Petri Dish Products

PH Buffers

certified Ph buffer solutions


Pipette, Serological and Transfer

Pipette Pumps

Pipette Pump Products

Prepared Culture Media

Plates, Tubes, Bottles, ETC.


QC Microscope Slides

Gram Stain and AFB Staining QC Slides


Urea ID Test

Gibson Laboratories Urea-ID Test


Viabank Beads, MW&E

MW&E Viabank Culture Bead Storage System


Reagents, Stains, and QC Slides

BD and Gibson Brand Reagents

Ricca Chemical

Ricca Chemical Website


Sensitivity Discs and Dispensers (BD)

BD Sensitivity Discs

Specimen Containers

Specimen Container Descriptions


Transwabs, MW&E

MW&E Transwab Transpor Swabs

Transtubes, MW&E

MW&E Transtube Transport

Transport Swabs, Cultureswabs, BD

BD Transport Swab Products

Transport Swabs, Transwab, Transtube

MW&E Descriptions

Whirl-Pak Bags Whirl-Pak Descriptions


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